What Went Down In Virginia?


Back on August 12th, 2017 an attack between a group of white supremacist and anti-racist protestors took place. On that Saturday in Charlottesville violence broke out due to the taken down of a local Robert E.Lee statue. This Virginian college town is no stranger to past white supremacy riots. In the past years Charlottesville has had many run in over race and other prejudice activities on their turf.


Activities On The Day:

On the Friday before the protest on August 11th,2017 a few college students from University Of Virginia began marching saying the phrases “White Lives Matter” and “Blood And Soil”. After hearing the chants counter-protesters soon began from then on the quiet before the storm rushed its way into the small town Charlotteville. Around one pm that Saturday a speeding car driven by James Alex Fields clashed with 34 year old Heather Heyer, leading to her death. While murdering Ms.Heyer the driver also injured nineteen other people,and two state troopers were also harmed through the situation.



After the protest on August 11th,2017 the hunt for the anonymous driver from the event was now on. On August 12th,2017 police and other criminal justice figures took to the streets to find evidence and other things to help with the case. Later, after determining the driver’s identity,which was determined to be James Alex Fields, the topic was later turned to the white nationalist appearing in the protest. Those certain white nationalist were caught in the backlash that soon effected their jobs and other occupations they’d take place in.


Donald Trump’s Reaction:

On August 12th,2017 President Trump took to twitter to state his first opinion on the situation that occurred. In his tweets he shared his condolences for the families of the victims as well as stated how all the citizens of America should be able to come together as one. Around three days later in a televised interview President Trump took to front stage to express his opinion yet again. He spoke on the protest saying how both sides are to blame claiming that their are both “bad people” and “very fine people”. He later stood by his statement saying how the pace he responded in was quick, so the statement he made is “very fine”. Within a week President Trump was done with his statements concluding in his final statement saying “the media give a platform to hate groups” and “media turns a blind eye to the gang violence”.



Earlier in the welcoming month of August a situation that harmed many individuals as well as their families took place in the city of Charlottesville Virginia. A moment that started with a protest and later transferred to a car crash will now be in our history for later years to come. With condolences for the families of the deceased and injured we all learned a lesson from the dirt being uncovered from our nation’s history. With a change that only us the citizens can make we can change this violent cycle to a more peaceful harmonic outcome.

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