Rihanna’s Step Up for 2017

At nine of September 14th,2017 Rihanna held her third annual Diamond Ball. The Diamond Ball was a spinoff for fashion week that brought on over one million dollars for her charity foundation named after her grandparents Lionel and Clara Brathwaite. With the Diamond Ball in place Rihanna is able to help supply her charity Clara Lionel Foundation. Over the past week Starting with the release of her new beauty line “Fenty” around September 7th, 2017.With over forty different shades for every complexion Rihanna was able to provide money for healthcare and education worldwide. Also, Adding on to the “Fenty” collection Rihanna has been supporting her charity with releasing her puma shoes. On Thursday of August 31,2017 Rihanna released her new Puma sneakers and has decided to share the wealth from the production.With the result of Rihanna’s Clara Lionel Foundation the artist is able to give a second chance to all the innocent people fighting cancer. Influenced by her grandmother’s death in 2012, the Clara Lionel Foundation is gaining thousands of dollars a month to go to cancer patients and HIV/Aids victims. With the Clara Lionel Foundation Rihanna hopes to impact the world positively for all who are losing hope due to illness. With all the new additions Rihanna has brought to our society today we are all able to see growth for everyone. From those suffering from cancer to even those with HIV and Aids we are able to see change for all. Thanks to the help of Rihanna taking a stand and using her platform many lives will be able to see to change. With the Diamond Ball, Fenty,and Puma sneakers Rihanna will be able to change both older and younger people’s lives forever.

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