KAC Presents: Ms. KAC

Lyric Hawkins was crowned Miss KIPP Atlanta Collegiate on September 28, 2016,also known as Coronation Night. Everybody does not always have the time to stop her in the hallway to figure out who she really is, so today is your day. She is the captain of the Volleyball team, representative on the Student Government Association, in Beta Club, the Spanish Honors Society, in the broadcasting department of Journalism, and the founder of KAC Cares. She said that her main motivation to run for Miss KAC was to become more active and fully involved in her senior year and to leave a legacy. She said that she campaigned strong and had very strong family and support groups that helped her secure her vote. Through all the excitement of the night, she said that she felt overall blessed, loved, supported, on “Cloud 9”, and speechless. She said that her first moves as Miss KAC will be to become an even better role model for the underclassmen and younger ladies that attend KAC. Remember to say “Hey Miss KAC,” the next time you see her in the hallway.

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