KAC Celebrates Athletic Achievement At Senior Night

On September 1, 2016, Kipp Atlanta Collegiate Class of 2017, celebrated Senior Night at Grady Stadium with a football game against North Atlanta.

Even though we lost 10-13, the class of 2017 still enjoyed senior night. The theme for the night was blackout. This meant that all of the members of the senior class, the football team and the band wore all black.

That night the feelings of the seniors were all over the place. There was excitement when our fellow teammates Ernesto Chavez and Otis Odom scored. The cheers vibrated throughout the entire crowd. The fact that we lost was not important though, the important part was celebrating the class of 2017 on making it to their senior year. To celebrate the seniors, the Sounds of Royalty played and created the number 17 at the end of their performance. Then to celebrate the seniors that play football, volleyball, or were in the band walked down the center of the field by family members of their choosing. There was a lot of senior representation throughout each team.

When you ask the seniors how they felt on that night, you would have received some mixed responses. Diontay Sandoval felt nonchalant and carefree, while Kayla Holsey who said that even though a lot of seniors didn’t show up she still had fun and it was turned up. We had some funny responses from Kayla Dunlap and Raven Warren who said that they felt cute or Lyric Hawkins who said she felt special. Fellow senior Dominique David said that on that night she didn’t feel like she was a senior, and we even had someone say that they felt both messy and petty. Overall the seniors were pretty pumped, excited or even sad that this was their last year. The seniors that showed up enjoyed the game and will always remember their senior night.

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