KAC Presents The Fierce Black Ice Step Team

The Black Ice Step Team was created by Sherrell Glover; a former student at KAC from the Class of 2016. The team continues to thrive because of the new Captain Re’Nae Dillard and the Co-Captain Desirae Martin.

Recently the team has performed at the Homecoming Pep Rally, and there was a lot of preparation involved in getting ready for the performance. They participated in many long practices and on Wednesday, September 28th they had their final practice where they made cuts for their performance on Thursday, September 29th. After cuts, it was decided that only eight of the thirteen steppers on the team would step during the performance. The individuals chosen to perform were Re’Nae Dillard, Desirae Martin, Santeria Harris, TaChauncia Griggs, Shanice Bennett, Brionce Brown, Cayla Johnson, and Titania Stephens. On the day of the Homecoming Pep Rally, the step team had a shirt giving ceremony to solidify their places on the team. The t-shirts stated each person’s nickname that was bestowed upon them by their captain.

On a scale of 1-10 the performance was an astounding 8. Even though the performance was great there was room for improvement. For example there was a part when everyone squatted down and one person didn’t. Overall the performance was executed beautifully and for their first performance at the school they had a lot of courage and were very confident.

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