Community Service At KAC: Everything You Need To Know

Do you need community service hours? Want something that’ll fit your personality and help you to get rid messily hours needed for graduation? Well we can help you out by giving you easier options. With community services close to home or even farther away. You’ll see your hours increasing by the hour as fast as you want. For an example, Some recent community services opportunities are on weekends and weekdays of February. On the weekend of Saturday 18th there’s a chance to help the Favor’s House front entrance. It begins at 10 am and continues to 12:30 pm. This can be done in College Park, GA, but be prepared to wear comfortable clothing that you don’t mind getting dirty. Another community service opportunity on that day is an opportunity in which teens can help by sorting foods and stocking shelves of the Food Pantry. In this community service thing people of ages five and up can help families in need. Another option is available is on February 25th around 8am to 12pm at Slater Elementary School. Here you can volunteer at different schools for hours. If you choose any of these options you could be used to help tutor elementary school students with things things such as projects, games, field trips, and etc. This is only needed twice a month for two month, and the minimum ages are 16 ( with a parent ) and 18 to be apart of this. In the first week of March there’s a community service opportunity for the 4th. This opportunity would be seen as a sock drive at Action Ministries in Atlanta,Georgia. The goal of this movement is to provide socks for the homeless, since socks are a basic need that many aren’t able to obtain. All you need to help is to bring in socks to help warm the homeless; the minimum age for this is 5 and any age above can help. On March 11th there is an opportunity that deals with shipping out glasses to developing countries. In Atlanta,Georgia 30341 is where this will all take place with all those ages 14-16 years old. The task of the volunteers are to sort the glasses according to their procedure, assisting by washing and drying the eyeglasses,and sort out the prescriptions. For more information and more opportunities you can check the site On this site you can research names of those in charge and their contact for more insite. Happy volunteering,have fun getting all those hours in!

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