Students Organize Community Service Program ( DOC )

The Daughters Of City and Bad Boys are a family created by the one and only Tim City. Based on the foundation of sisterhood and brotherhood this organization has taken flight in the halls of KAC becoming a large success. The DOC organization is a very stable organization that brought all the members to a very close bond they’ll always remember.

In The Family they all together do many community services activities as other activities in and out of school. By volunteering at food banks, gardening, and helping at foster homes the group continually makes steps to the future goals they all want to obtain.


In their family their are a few requirements that make you and give you the title of being a DOC. In order to become a part of the organization first you need to be a hard worker who is willing to try through many things. Secondly, you need to have a bond with City any type of bond. Next, There can not be any drama and you have to try in your academics. All of the family is willing to help you, however you should still put in effort with everything you do.


In the organization there are many focuses and goals ahead for the team, such as focusing on branding and being able to have the highest GPA and academics. A few goals for the family are to show they’re open and have a good impact on their community and school. On December 15th there will be a probate where they’ll be taking a new BAD boy and a new DOC.

Bad Boys

Another big part of the family is the Bad Boys who are Mr.City’s advisory who hold the same standards of the DOCs. With all of the members of the family the parental involvement is very large and helps with the bond all the members have with each other and City. When asked about the importance of male figures Mr.City talked about the importance due to male figures being able to give different perspectives on issues in society, and that male and female figures is key in foundation of lives. With male figures being put into the lives of all mentorship also plays a key role.

When asked about mentorship he stated that mentorship is a vital role in foundation of people in general, which can tie into helping assist children’s needs.

Mr.City quotes, “It takes a village to raise a child” to describe the role mentorship has in the lives of people.

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