What Just Happened? New Season of Empire

Empire is back and better than ever! The season has kicked off with Lucious(Terrence Howard) and Cookie( Taraji P. Henson) going to war. Lucious decides to make a comeback with new artist and Cookie sees it as a threat. Lucious tells Cookie to take her best shot and she threw a curveball. During one of Lucious’ performances, she brings his mother on stage and the crowd starts a commotion. Lucious decides to come back even harder, when he makes Anika( Grace Gealey) head of the PR; which was the position Cookie wanted. For Cookie that was the icing on the cake. She took a bat and went on a rampage through Lucious office; nothing was left untouched. After everything they have been through together it has left the audience thinking how could he do something like that to her. Also with a major cliffhanger questions: is that the end of Cookie and Lucious? Will that be were she draws the line? Will Lucious be able to come back from that?

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