Transgender In The Military. Is It A Issue?????

A few weeks ago Donald Trump took to social media to abuse his power yet again. He discussed his opinion which later turned into a real ban on transgenders in the Military.


Trump’s Presidential Induction  

As says, “Mr Trump’s tweet was significant in itself for its cruelty and foolishness.”

Donald Trump in the past has made many dull-witted decisions with his presidential power. From things such as:

  • The comments about women
  • The reality that he doesn’t do his taxes
  • The comments about his daughter throughout these months

Medical Issues

On Wednesday July 26th 2017 Trump went to twitter to ignorantly state his opinion on medical history for the transgender community in the military. In the tweet he talks about how he believes that it would be too expensive to pay for the medical needs of the transgenders.

Transgenders essential needs are the following: hormones, surgeries, and regular non-transgender needs.


Military POV (point of view)

On August 1st, 2017 military leaders signed a letter opposing trumps banning of transgenders in the military. All the military officials were in opposition of the ideas presented by president Trump.

This rapidly caused civil conflict that reached news officials everywhere.  Rights were being taken and with this new law in the making it disrespects the rights of millions of transgender and non-transgender people.

This would change the future for millions of young LGBT people aspiring to work in the military field.

Citizens POV(Point of View)

This is yet another decision that presently made a change in our society today. With all the ignorance brewing from the nation’s president, negativity is beginning to reach other nations around the world.

Because the transgender community being antagonized by Trump,millions of lives will be drastically affected.

We the citizens of America believe that Trump is taken advantage of the office and all his powers.



Contrary to popular belief, the vote of the United States citizens does not hold much impact regarding the presidential election. The electoral college is the group that actually determines who becomes president. Therefore, Us as United States citizens have to understand the rules and where we put the power in our country. All together us as a community have the right to impact our futures the way we choose. Where our power goes determines how our country develops as well as how much responsibility the next generation must have.

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